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Mom and Nate See the World

All it takes is faith and trust......and a little bit of Pixie Dust.....



December 1, 2000

I felt lousy this morning, but really wanted to meet the group at Chef Mickey's for breakfast.  Opting for the bus to the Magic Kingdom, we jumped aboard and located a seat.  On the way I heard, 'Hello Lori'  Assuming it was a clubhouse member spotting my lanyard, I looked up, and smiled.  The smile became a look of total surprise when I saw who had spoken.  A man I work with, who had told me that there was no way he would ever be able to afford, nor would he ever spend the money on a trip to WDW.  I had no idea he was there as he's on a different shift than I am, and we hadn't talked in ages.  He has a beautiful family, and it was a wonderful surprise.  It also resulted in our being late for Chef Mickey's.  Fortunately we were allowed to join the group.

What a nice time.  Our hostess was the beautiful and sweet Y, and in attendance were Bobller, Brer, Pope Buck, Parker, his wife Ginger and darling baby Carson, myself, (fantayzya) and my Nate.  Carson was a character magnet and as a result Nate got to spend extra time with them too.  Major bonus!  As always, my ponytail took several tugs as they walked by our tables.

DCP_2985.JPG (262207 bytes)

After a surprise meeting with a man from work on the bus

DCP_2986.JPG (220802 bytes)

We joined Dale, Chip and the gang at Chef Mickey's

DCP_2988.JPG (271531 bytes)

Baby Carson meets Dale the Chipmunk

DCP_2989.JPG (125715 bytes)

Took two visits, but we got a shot with Chef Mickey!

DCP_2990.JPG (257204 bytes)

Nate and Carson had a great visit from Chef Mickey too!

DCP_2992.JPG (244898 bytes)

Nose to nose with the 'Main Mouse'

DCP_2993.JPG (266464 bytes)

Y, bobller, Brer and Pope Buck joke with the Chef

DCP_2994.JPG (262539 bytes)

Even 'big people' like bobller like Mickey Magic

DCP_3002.JPG (275814 bytes)

Nate loves Minnie, but says Pluto is still his favorite

DCP_2995.JPG (122927 bytes)

And along comes his buddy Pluto now!

DCP_3003.JPG (264246 bytes)

Magic Kingdom entrance plaza as seen from the train

DCP_3005.JPG (153392 bytes)

Brer Bear and Brer Fox hang with the fans

DCP_3006.JPG (343579 bytes)

Are we near your laughing place?

DCP_3007.JPG (405679 bytes)

Brer Rabbit is happy to share directions

DCP_3008.JPG (141636 bytes)

Adventureland home of Dole Whip! Nate's first one!

DCP_3021.JPG (255703 bytes)

Off to Tomorrowland to make good on a promise

DCP_3022.JPG (326533 bytes)

The longest line of the whole visit

DCP_3025.JPG (220294 bytes)

But even with the 'Meet' plans, this trip was for Nate

DCP_3024.JPG (215437 bytes)

Space Mountain will wait till Nate's a bit taller

DCP_3027.JPG (212982 bytes)

Here is is as seen from a car driven by Nate. YIKES!!

After brunch Nate and I revisited the Magic Kingdom.  We hopped on the train at Main Street Station and rode to Frontierland.  Nate was determined NOT to ride Splash Mountain tho it had been a favorite a year ago.  I had to play a little trick on him to get him to ride.   He said he had fun, but told me I had better not do that ever again.A treat was in order.(read:  peace offering)  Nate had never had Dole Whip, and I was craving one.

It was time to make good on a promise made last night and let him drive the 'race cars.'  It was the longest line we waited in the whole trip.  Nate was a much better driver this time, and I only got a slight whiplash. 

One of the objectives I had was to photograph the statues around the hub so off we went.  The sculptures and landscaping art at the World do much to make the magic for me.  I try to see it from a different angle, and take a bit more of it home in pictures each time I visit.

DCP_3010.JPG (168700 bytes)

DCP_3011.JPG (188579 bytes)

DCP_3012.JPG (447813 bytes)

Shots of the statues around the hub

DCP_3013.JPG (148872 bytes)

DCP_3015.JPG (167001 bytes)

DCP_3016.JPG (191479 bytes)

DCP_3018.JPG (143395 bytes)

DCP_3019.JPG (171731 bytes)

DCP_3020.JPG (177837 bytes)

DCP_3009.JPG (169555 bytes)

DCP_3028.JPG (343226 bytes)

While waiting for a haircut, we got a treat.

DCP_3029.JPG (354271 bytes)

A clear view of the Magical Moments Parade

DCP_3030.JPG (288852 bytes)

A shot for Dsorcerer of Sorcerer Mickey

DCP_3032.JPG (339613 bytes)

There was a party going on Under da Sea

DCP_3033.JPG (315522 bytes)

Ariel waves to the crowd from her perch.

DCP_3034.JPG (315853 bytes)

Nate was invited to join in, but declined

DCP_3038.JPG (305592 bytes)

Belle and Beast invite you to Be their Guest

DCP_3039.JPG (312135 bytes)

And along came the royal entourage from Agrabah

DCP_3040.JPG (268940 bytes)

Aladdin and Jasmine waved from high above the crowd

DCP_3042.JPG (300990 bytes)

Jafar has been demoted and walks behind the float

I wanted to get Nate's hair cut, and since we had dinner plans for 5:30 at Boatwrights, we wandered back to Main Street.  There quite a wait, but we decided to, and the Cast Members waiting kept Nate entertained.   I peeked out, saw that the Parade was starting and there was a clear spot on the curb just perfect to see it from the doorway.  I called Nate over to watch, and Billie, the wonderful CM who would do Nate's haircut, told us to go watch from the curb, she'd come get us when it was his turn.  WOW!   Off we went to watch the Magic.  Sure enough, the CM who had been playing with Nate found us and told us that Billie was waiting.  Is that wonderful or what?

The haircut was such fun.  I highly recommend Billie.  She did a great job and kept Nate occupied the whole time.  While we were there a little one came in for his first ever cut.  His daddy was a CM and a friend of Donald Duck who was busy at his Christmas Tree Stand outside the barber shop.  Daddy asked Donald to come in and check out his little boy's haircut, and he did!  I guess he figured that as long as he was there, he'd inspect Nate's cut too.  He spent a good 15 to 20 minutes playing around with Nate and making sure Billie did a good job.  It was magical!

DCP_3043.JPG (333459 bytes)

The Pridelands were represented as well

DCP_3044.JPG (290920 bytes)

Simba and the gang paid a visit too.

DCP_3046.JPG (340311 bytes)

Rafiki enlightened us on the workings of the circle of life

DCP_3047.JPG (336637 bytes)

Merry Christmas? You want me to say that?

DCP_3048.JPG (389731 bytes)

Well, I'll have to think about that one.

DCP_3049.JPG (280312 bytes)

Time for my haircut. Nice to meet you Billie

DCP_3051.JPG (306144 bytes)

Nate wishes Billie could cut his hair at home too.

DCP_3052.JPG (261908 bytes)

OH NO! It's the Tickle Brush!

DCP_3053.JPG (301112 bytes)

While we were there a pal of Donald's got his first haircut

DCP_3054.JPG (270049 bytes)

Donald decided to inspect Nate's new doo too

DCP_3055.JPG (332058 bytes)

He rumpled Nate's hair to make sure it was ship shape

DCP_3056.JPG (276941 bytes)

Donald even instructed Billie on places that she missed

DCP_3057.JPG (299208 bytes)

Nate thanked Donald for his help

DCP_3063.JPG (274951 bytes)

Billie hit him one more time with the Tickle Brush

DCP_3064.JPG (302975 bytes)

Then came a final photo op, Mickey Cape and Scissors

DCP_3065.JPG (270384 bytes)

Time to go back 'home' to get ready for dinner

DCP_3066.JPG (265235 bytes)

We were both tired and Mom wasn't feeling well

DCP_3067.JPG (348114 bytes)

We had a bit of time to explore the resort

DCP_3068.JPG (256391 bytes)

So we took our time walking back to the room

DCP_3070.JPG (334430 bytes)

Here's 'home' Building 26 in Alligator Bayou

After the haircut, we had to head back to Dixie Landings.  There was enough time to relax a bit and since we both had colds, that sounded pretty good.  We got off the bus and did a short tour around the resort on our way back to the room.  I promised my water rat he could swim after dinner, if it wasn't too cold, so he was a happy camper.

We checked in at Boatwrights, and as there was still a bit of a wait, we were given a buzzer.  Nate wanted to hold it, and after trying to explain 'vibrate' to him with only a little success, I told him if it tickled to let me know.  About 15 minutes later he started giggling and I knew it was time.

Dinner was good, the service was only so so.  We saw our server when she took our order and when I got her attention to get the check.  They weren't full that night, and a second cup of coffee would have been great.  I was pleased to see Jambalaya on the menu at Boatwrights, as it was my favorite at Bonfamille's and I didn't think I'd be able to enjoy it this trip.  But when it arrived the person making the delivery (not our original server) introduced it to me as Chili Jambalaya.  It wasn't what I had hoped, but still very good, and with all the added spice I was able to taste it thru my cold.  Nate had the kids' chicken fingers, and barely touched them as he was busy coloring and too excited about his promised swim.

After a quiet walk back to the room, we got him into his suit and hiked over to the quiet pool.  I opted not to swim in deference to my cold, but had fun watching him make friends and splash around.  We have a pool at home and he would spend his whole summer in the water if we'd let him, so he went nuts.  I finally was able to coax him out, wrapped him in a towel and piggy backed him to the room to snuggle and watch some TV before bed.   It appeared this wouldn't be a big attraction loaded trip, but we were having a great time just being together.

DCP_3071.JPG (387887 bytes)

One of the views from a walkway of our building

DCP_3072.JPG (267519 bytes)

Folks waited by the marina to cruise the Sassagoula

DCP_3074.JPG (224918 bytes)

Ahh, time for dinner at Boatwrights

DCP_3075.JPG (317083 bytes)

We were given a pager and again wandered around.

DCP_3076.JPG (311047 bytes)

Nate wanted to hold the pager and did but


DCP_3078.JPG (284555 bytes)

explain 'vibrate' to a 4 year old without a demo. he jumped a mile when it buzzed

DCP_3079.JPG (295531 bytes)

He kept occupied coloring another picture for Mom

DCP_3077.JPG (174602 bytes)

A Dixie Christmas

DCP_3081.JPG (341396 bytes)

After dinner Mom had promised Nate a swim. so we visited a quiet pool

DCP_3082.JPG (312853 bytes)

As usual, Nate made a pal right off and had a blast. Mom sat out shivering.



DCP_3083.JPG (286463 bytes)

A little dark, but here's the pool close to our room


DCP_3084.JPG (256577 bytes)

What a silly boy, but what fun we are having.


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